Fashions fade, style is eternal. – Yves Saint Laurent

Thanks to Prestige Tuxedo for my stylish bow ties that complement my signature look. Great company run by great people and they also do a ton of GREAT things in our community! Love them–woof!

Prestige Tuxedo has four retail locations in our area Baum Drive, Emory Road, Bearden Station, and Oak Ridge and of course you can always find them online at


Respect for ourselves guides our morals; respect for others guides our manners – Laurence Sterne

Today’s Puppy Camp Update for
Diane’s Canine School of Charm

Bear is slowly improving. He is learning not to step all over you, not slam into you when he comes 90 miles an hour toward you. Today he discovered he could sit and down in the kitchen,den and living room. He caught on to that pretty quick. He is learning patience, to sit and not get up like a jack in the box. Same with the down all though that is harder for him. He is learning to pay attention instead of jumping on the other dogs, that takes time. He is learning to look me in the eye, siting until I give him a treat. Walking on the leash is much better, he goes behind instead of running around the front of you. Barreling through a door or gate is also better. He is like a bull in a china cabinet. Just for the heck of it I am teaching him to touch. Taking your fingers off for a treat is much improved. I have 3 fingers left!! All kidding aside Bear is doing well. Diane