We could never learn to be brave and patient, if there were only joy in the world. ~Helen Keller

ImageToday I’m continuing to learn to be brave and patient.  I have been poked, prodded and tested yet they still are not sure what is wrong with me.  I AM better…taking things one day at a time.  I saw Mom this morning and gave her puppy kisses and we went for a short walk.  I’m definitely not back to normal, and plan to be at the hospital through the weekend now, but there is improvement.  Bottom line:  I am one sick fella and just need to be patient with myself and the folks that are trying to help me.  There is a good lesson in that…

Upside?  I have a FANTASTIC vet and staff caring for me!  Dr. Bogue is wrapped around my paw. She even took me home to love on me last night so that I wasn’t kenneled and alone at the hospital.  She said she didn’t want me to have a bad vet experiene so young.  Ahhhhh another sucker for my cuteness!

PS–the cone is just so that I won’t mess with my IV port.

Sometimes we need to feel bad to know what it’s like to feel good…” ― Nitra Gipson

Bear_Vet PhotoSo go figure, my toe ISN’T broken, I seem to have some kind of mysterious infection/illness that the doctors are trying to figure out.  How has this been treated as a broken toe for three days?!? You’ve got me on that one.  Today my symptoms are fever, abdominal and back pain, and lethargy–It is not my finest hour.  Tonight I’m sleeping over at the vet’s house with pain meds, fluids, a cocktail of antibiotic/anti-fungal meds and of course, my favorite toys.  We have marked a lot of awful things off the list today, but tomorrow we hope to narrow my diagnosis down and get me all better.  Through it all, I am still a sweet champ but I do feeeeeel terrible.

Upside?  The awful cast is gone.

Prayers appreciated!